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Dear Dokeos friends,

We are happy to tell you that the Dokeos free campus has been upgraded to Dokeos 1.5.4.

You benefit now of more stability and more features, noticeably content authoring and learning path building (see for details). 

However, due to a technical mistake, we have lost some of the data that have been added last week (from July 7 to July 13). Please accept our apologies for this. If you created a course or added content or users to your course last week, you might have to recreate it or to re-add the content or the users.

Dokeos free campus contains now more than 2.500 courses, of which more than 1.000 are publicly available. 

In March 2004, Dokeos campus has become a fully free service. This means that your course (that should be maximum 50 Mb) will never be removed, unless we notice no activity on it during a period of 3 months.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to inform of any problem you experience, any question, any proposal. You comments will help us to improve this service.

Dokeos is more than a free software and a free campus. We can help you get started with your e-learning or blended learning project on both pedagogical and technologicl aspects, as we already do for many organisations. See clients list .


The Dokeos team

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