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venerdì, 16 luglio 2004
by mtb alle 14:47

Riporto integralmente la mail ricevuta dal Dokeos team:

Dear Dokeos friends,

We are happy to tell you that the Dokeos free campus http://www.dokeos.com/campus/dokeos/ has been upgraded to Dokeos 1.5.4.

You benefit now of more stability and more features, noticeably content authoring and learning path building (see http://www.dokeos.com/news.php for details). 

However, due to a technical mistake, we have lost some of the data that have been added last week (from July 7 to July 13). Please accept our apologies for this. If you created a course or added content or users to your course last week, you might have to recreate it or to re-add the content or the users.

Dokeos free campus contains now more than 2.500 courses, of which more than 1.000 are publicly available. 

In March 2004, Dokeos campus has become a fully free service. This means that your course (that should be maximum 50 Mb) will never be removed, unless we notice no activity on it during a period of 3 months.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to inform of any problem you experience, any question, any proposal. You comments will help us to improve this service.

Dokeos is more than a free software and a free campus. We can help you get started with your e-learning or blended learning project on both pedagogical and technologicl aspects, as we already do for many organisations. See clients list http://www.dokeos.com/customers.php .


The Dokeos team

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    KatherineM KatherineM | Scritto il 17 . 07 . 2004 alle 19:57 |

    ho capito che c’è stata una falla e si sono persi dei dati trail 7 e il 13 di luglio e che il corso non sarà rimosso mai, potrà durare all’infinito…

  2. 2

    mtb mtb | Scritto il 18 . 07 . 2004 alle 13:45 |

    La cosa interessante è proprio questa: che non verrà chiuso! Era una mia preoccupazione.

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